Wildlife Exclusion in Hammond & Ponchatoula, LA

From Fischer Environmental Serving Tangipahoa Parish, Louisiana for Over 60 Years

Have you seen animals rooting through your trash or eating your pet’s food in the garage?

Are you finding your gardens rooted up in the mornings?

Have you seen snakes near your house?

Have you heard critters scurrying around your attic or roof?

If you answered YES to any of these, you have a wildlife problem!

Fischer Environemental Services offers wildlife exclusion in Hammond, Ponchatoula and throughout Tangipahoa Parish.

Wildlife exclusion has 2 componentes:

  • Removal
  • Prevention

During the removal phase, we catch and relocate pests to an area far away from your home. Then, once the critters are gone, our technicians will inspect your property, seal your home to prevent further intrusions and teach you how to reduce the likelihood that the wildlife returns to your home or business.

Types of Local Wildlife Pests

The thriving ecosystem in the Gulf Coast region is home to all sorts of wildlife, and it is normal for residents of Tangipahoa Parish to come across raccoons and armadillos on the road from time to time. What is not normal is if one of these animals comes in to your home to seek refuge. Some may come to view your home as a either a shelter or a food source.

The most common wildlife that often invade yards, homes & businesses in Tangipahoa Parish are raccoons, snakes, armadillos, and opossums.  Some of these animals pose a threat, and attempting to remove one on your own can be dangerous and is something that is better left in the hands of wildlife professionals.

Fischer Environmental is fully aware of the local, state, and federal regulations when it comes to humanely trapping wildlife animals, and we make sure that all of the practices that we implement abide by them.

Dangers of Wildlife Pests

Having an unwanted animal inside the home poses a lot of dangers for your family. You will be exposed to animal droppings and diseases that some of these animals carry. Their will presence will make your home unhygienic. Damage to property is inevitable as they gnaw and chew their way through your insulation and electrical wiring.

This is why it is important that you contact a professional wildlife exclusion company so that these animals can be removed at once. Removing wildlife animals is not for the untrained homeowner.

Fischer Environmental’s wildlife specialists are highly trained when it comes to wildlife management. We eradicate any form of wildlife from your property as well as prevent their return. We will also offer you suggestions in order to prevent future animal invasions.

How to Protect Your Home or Business

When it comes to wildlife management and control, prevention is still the best cure. Our technicians will secure your home in order to prevent any form of wildlife from entering the premises of your property. Then, we make a thorough assessment of your home and search for all possible points of entry and secure these entries with wire mesh screen or cement.

Additionally, we may even recommend an exclusion device to add an extra layer of protection.

You also need to make your home less attractive to animals by keeping it clean at all times. Make sure that trash bins are kept secure, and repair any damage such as damaged shingles, rotting siding, leaky roofs, and faucets. Check for gaps in doors and windows, and add weather stripping to seal up visible holes.

Unfortunately, finding all entry points can be difficult for homeowners because these animals are cunning and clever. It often takes a professional expert to determine all of the entry points and remove these animals from the home.

Wildlife Exclusion Services

Fischer Environmental offers residential and commercial wildlife exclusion services to remove the following animals from your property:


Raccoons are highly intelligent rodents that may invade your home in search of food. They will feed on fallen berries and nuts from your yard, as well as uneaten birdseed on your bird feeders. They can destroy your yard and cause structural damage to your property, and carry parasitic diseases such as salmonella and rabies.


Just like any animal, snakes are always in search of food and shelter. Snakes are known for their venom when they bite people, although majority of those slithering in yards and gardens are non-venomous.


Armadillos are nocturnal creatures with poor eyesight. In order to attack homes, they burrow and dig their way under the structural foundation of your home, making it weak and prone to damage.


Opossums are resourceful and intelligent scavengers that have a keen sense of smell and are always in search of food and shelter. They build their nests in covered, dry areas such as your attic where they can destroy your insulation and excrete fecal matter all over the place.

Get Help from Fischer Environmental

Achieve peace of mind with our nuisance wildlife management services. If you suspect that your home has been invaded by wildlife, contact us today so we can remove the pest from your home right away.