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If you are having problems sleeping lately and you catch yourself scratching relentlessly while lying in bed, then your home may have been invaded by bed bugs.

If you suspect a bed bug infestation, you need to take prompt action as these pesky bugs can spread and multiply. What makes it even worse is that they are difficult to remove because of their miniscule size, which makes them hard to detect by the naked eye.

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Bedbugs Basics

Bed bugs are small, wingless insects that are light brown in color. This color changes into rust red after a blood meal, as the bodies are full of their host’s blood.

They are particularly drawn to the warmth that the human body gives off at night, and can feed on the blood for as long as 5 – 10 minutes. They are tough insects to remove, and can survive for months—and even up to a year—without food sustenance.

Although their bites do not transmit diseases, they leave an itchy, red swelling on the skin.

Signs of a Bedbug Infestation

If you wake up with bites all over your body, these are most probably caused by bedbugs and occurred while you were sleeping. Other signs of infestation are dark brown or black fecal droppings on your sheets and eggs that look like small poppy seeds on your bed linen.

You can also check the inside seams and folds of your mattresses for bloodstains.

Bedbugs do not stay solely in beds; in fact, they usually hide in places that are within 4 to 6 feet of their food source. Some of the places they like to hide are mattresses, headboards, beddings, bed sheets, blankets, carpets, wallpaper, and crevices in floorboards.

Bed Bug Behavior

Unlike other insects, the presence of bedbugs is not a sign that your home is unsanitary. Even clean homes can be invaded by bedbugs. There are many ways that bedbugs can move in. It could be through secondhand furniture that you bought from a flea store, or luggage that you brought in from one of your out-of-town trips.

Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures; they like to stay active at night and rest during the day. Their feeding time usually happens a couple of hours before sunrise. After drawing blood, they go back into hiding and rest.

These blood meals spur on the female adult to reproduce, where she can lay as many as 5 eggs per day and 500 eggs in her lifetime. Eggs are milky-white in color and will take about two weeks to hatch.

Killing & Removing Bed Bugs

Because bed bugs are small and great at hiding, they can be hard to detect and difficult to dispose of. While you can certainly do an inspection and treatment on your own, having a professional inspection done and a pest control treatment program in place ensures that these pests are removed permanently from your home.

There are many pest control programs that can be used to treat bed bugs, the most common of which is chemical treatment. Other treatment methods include steaming, freezing, and extreme heat. The right pest treatment to use will depend on the state of the invasion and will be determined by the pest control company.

Fischer Environmental conducts an initial assessment and inspection in order to determine the correct pest treatment for the bedbugs in your home. Rest assured that our technicians are licensed and trained to come up with a treatment solution that will effectively remove these insects for good.

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